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Suffering : Mankind's Participation in Its Own Redemption

But How?

That Was Another "Secret" From Fátima


God sends the heaviest crosses to those He calls His own,

And the bitterest drops of the chalice are reserved for His friends alone.

But the blood red drops are precious, and the crosses are all gain,

For Joy is bought with Sacrifice, and the price of love is Pain.


Suffering only has two purposes; both are constructive.

(A) To move and/or encourage a suffering individual to return to the right path. [Pain is the megaphone that God uses to assist the deaf in hearing Him.]

(B) Because God needs our suffering, to be used by virtue of the Communion of Saints, to assist other souls in their redemption.

When we are facing situation (A), above, we should quickly ask God to help us see what we are blind to in our behavior and to help us correct our erred ways and bring our suffering to an end. This is good.

If we are facing situation (B), above, although the physical suffering may be great, there will be an inner joy and peace. A joy and a peace which only true collaboration with God can bring. This is also good.


A Pearl of Divine Wisdom

As part of the communications associated with Our Lady of the Rosary of Fátima the faithful were informed not to seek additional mortification to offer to God, but to offer/accept any and all difficulties that we encounter in our daily lives for: Love of Jesus, in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the conversion of poor sinners.

Why was this simple instruction and apparently "just another exercise of piety", as many would say, important enough for the Mother of God to personally deliver it to mankind?

First: Heaven "knew" that we were not going to fully respond to Its exhortations to holiness (1). A refusal which would make the 20th Century the bloodiest century of human history.

Second: Heaven did not want that such suffering be wasted since, if properly offered, it would become an auto-corrective mechanism for mankind's ills.

How Does It Work?

Although miguel de Portugal has been aware of the actual spiritual mechanism that is set in motion when we make such offering, it was only in the year 2002 that he was allowed to talk about it.

The Mechanism

There are some sins for which Divine Justice demands reparation before God can work the pleasure of His Mercy in that soul and attract it to Him.

Think of "working the pleasure of His Mercy" as:

(a) Opening a window through which that soul may reach out to God for forgiveness; and simultaneously

(b) Exercise a supernatural attraction over that soul for it to seek such forgiveness from God.

But... who is going to make the reparation demanded by Divine Justice if:

(a) The individual does not even know God; or

(b) The individual does not even know that he/she has an serious outstanding debt with God?

That is, how is that soul going find its redemption if he/she has no idea that, should they die instantly, they would irremediably end up in eternal damnation?

It is then when the obedient faithful, you and I, must "swing into action". It is our responsibility, yes, responsibility, to make the necessary reparation on behalf of such individuals. God is counting on that to deliver them from eternal damnation.

The mechanism is both simple and awesome.

Some will say: "That is arrogance. God does not need anyone of us to save another."

Well, that is intrinsically true. God needs nothing except what He sovereignly decided to "need"; and He chose to "need" man's cooperation in His plan of salvation. It is that simple!

Those who have studied the Fátima events (2) will remember Bl. Jacinta's continued concern about the poor sinners that would go to hell. She could not do enough penance as acts of reparation for their spiritual benefit. What we have explained to you, in the Name of God, is precisely the reason. She knew this.

The faithful will also remember that Bl. Francisco could not think of anything else but of consoling his beloved Jesus. Why did Jesus need so much consoling? Because too many people were destined to great suffering because not enough people were making the necessary reparation.

The answer is both simple and awesome.


This writer endured much suffering as vicarious acts of reparation. He can also categorically assure you that: The "inner joy and peace" associated with such offering cannot be described in human terms; even when the protracted suffering reached a sustained level that caused his face to be temporarily disfigured by the pain.

This was not self imposed suffering. Self imposed physical suffering is masochism (3) regardless of what pious name is used for it. The suffering he experienced was granted by God as He "collected on a blank check" presented to Him by this writer for the spiritual benefit of a certain segment of the world's population. A "collection" process which lasted several months.

Although anxiously awaiting for God to finish the "collection process", this writer did not want it to end one second earlier than God needed it to end. Make no mistake, this was not a personal triumph of this writer; all merit belongs to the Grace of God which allowed such opportunity and the sustenance through it all.

Take courage you faithful ones - With God All Is Truly Well even when we do not first understand what is taking place; however, we must never try to upstage Jesus Christ by not humbly requesting God to "take the cup of suffering away" if at all possible. After all, Jesus did! [Matthew 26:39]

(1) An explanation of how does this work
(2) The Fátima events
(3) Disguised masochism

Published on the Summer of 2002.

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