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Pain is the megaphone that God uses to assist the deaf in hearing Him


The answer could not be simpler. It may be found "hidden" in:

"Father, if you are willing, take this cup away from me; still, not my will but yours be done." [LK 22:42, MT 26:39, MK 14:36]

When suffering comes our way, Jesus Himself taught us to ask for it to pass us by. However, He also taught us to always defer to the Will of God by letting Him decide whether it is needed that we suffer so or not.

Anyone who wants to be more of a martyr than Our Lord Jesus Christ, who taught us by example to ask for relief, is unknowingly showing arrogance veiled in piety.


Suffering only has two purposes; both are constructive.

(a) Help a suffering individual to return to the right path. [Pain is the megaphone that God uses to assist the deaf in hearing Him.]

(b) God needs our suffering, to be used by virtue of the Communion of Saints, to assist other souls in their redemption.

When we are facing situation (a), above, we should quickly ask God to help us see what we are blind to in our behavior and to help us correct our erred ways.

If we are facing situation (b), above, although the physical suffering may be great, there will be inner joy and peace. A joy and a peace which only true collaboration with God can bring.

This writer has experienced both and, we can assure you categorically: That "inner joy and peace" spoken about above cannot be described in human terms; even when the protracted suffering reached a sustained level that caused his face to temporarily become a mask of pain.

Although anxiously awaiting for God to "finish with him", this writer did not want it to end one second earlier than God needed it to end. Make no mistake, this was not a feat of this writer; all merit belongs to the Grace of God which allowed such opportunity and the sustenance through it all.

Take courage you faithful ones - With God All Is Truly Well even when we do not understand what is taking place; however, we must never try to upstage Jesus Christ by not humbly requesting God to "take the cup away" if at all possible.

Issued on the Spring of 1999. Portugal.

Updated on the Summer of 2002. U.S.A.

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