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PLEASE NOTE: The very original document which was briefly displayed in this page but used extensively behind the scenes started thus:

Is There an Iraqi-Cuban Axis?

URGENT NOTE Added on January 22, 2003 - PART 1: We have just read a very disturbing news report which has caused us to bring this document out of our Dead Files and into the open.

Said confirmed news report suggest that maybe the UN weapons inspectors cannot find the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq because their arsenal is in Cuba awaiting to be used on the unsuspecting American people.

We now ask:

Are we going to miss all cues leading to a possible attack with Weapons of Mass Destruction from Cuba as we "missed" those cues announcing to the 9-11 attacks?

Please, read this entire document carefully first. Then review PART 2 of the note, as well as the appropriate links, added at the end.

The information contained therein served its purpose and the use of Cuba for such deed had to be discarded by those who planned it.  However, just because the originally intended "launching pad" has been changed, it does not mean that the intent and plan have been canceled
May God be Glorified for His direct intervention in human affairs since we have proven incapable of doing it ourselves as He intended!

This Document as is has been placed on-line on October 17, 2008
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