NOTE Added on September 6, 2002: The Arab League has, as one single voice, pronounced: If the US attacks Baghdad, that would open the gates of hell in the Middle East.

Those are not empty words. Those are prophetic words. Please read this document carefully and understand "where the world is at".

The M+G+R Foundation


February 19, 1998

Addressed To: Key scientific centers worldwide and selected political and religious world leaders.

Subjects:(1) The recent and unusual meteorite activity; and (2) Other related matters

Reference: All past correspondence [June 30, 1993 through March 14, 1997]


The recent and unusual meteorite activity has been brought to our attention. This situation is consistent with all the other related events which are simultaneously unfolding in the world today, thus, this communication.

We will not dwell on the meteorite issue since all that needed to be said to you and your associates has been said in the above referred communications. We trust that when the time comes, God is given the Glory due only to Him.

The other related matter deals with the Iraqi [Middle East] Crisis. The following apparent coincidences are interesting since they tie harmoniously with the comet-Earth collision issue. We will be brief as we identify them.

Those who wish to pursue this matter further may do so to the extent they desire. The information is available to all; we only provide the keys to the puzzle.

Apparent Coincidence No. 1: When the 5th Trumpet is sounded [Revelations 9:3-11] we read about some locusts which can inflict people the same torment as that inflicted by a scorpion.

***The defense mechanism of certain variety of scorpions consists on a "...neurotoxic venom which causes a a tightness of the throat, slurred speech, restlessness, sweating and vomiting, and bluing of the lips and other tissues." In certain species the venom "...kill a victim ultimately by stopping the action of the heart and lungs." [1]
[1] Bites & Stings by John Nichol, pp 57-59 and 77

Apparent Coincidence No. 2: When the 6th Trumpet is sounded [Revelations 9:13-19] we are told that the four angels who are bound at the banks of the Euphrates are released. Horses are also mentioned which have snakelike tails, "...with heads that inflict harm."

***The defense mechanism of certain variety of vipers and pit vipers consists of a haemotoxic venom "...which means that it breaks down the tissues of the victims. The walls of blood vessels are destroyed..." resulting in hemorrhaging.. [1]

***The "four angels" are angels of death which are released to kill third of the human race. It is interesting to note that the four countries which share the Euphrates River are Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.

Apparent Coincidence No. 3: We also hear about the first bowl [Revelation 16:2] which caused "Festering and ugly sores broke out on those..." Usually festering and ugly sores are caused by bacteria.

It is interesting to note the situation which we are facing in the Middle East today with the weapons of mass destruction in the hands of Saddam Hussein and others: Chemical [for the neurotoxic and haemotoxic venom] and Bacteriological [for the festering and ugly sores].

Interwoven in all of the above, as you have been advised in the past, is the nuclear holocaust and the comet-Earth collision [2], the fall of Babylon, etc. We pray that all the recipients of this communication may be able to "pick up the thread" and get the rest of the details.
[2] 1st through 4th Trumpets [Revelation 8:7-12].

You may wonder: "Why, pray tell, are we being informed about all of this?"

So that God may be glorified, for it is He who will allow [not cause, but allow] all of these catastrophes as an act of Mercy. We have strayed so far from the right path that only the events which are close at hand will cause us to respond and return to the right path.

At His Service, thus at yours, I remain simply...

m de Portugal

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