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August 18th, 2018


From (Mr.) IW @ USA

Peace and blessings upon you and your son.

I really enjoy the graces God pours out upon me and those of us that take to heart the pearls that God grants us through you!!

If you find the time... Could you fill in any details on the greater levels of Heaven we can achieve before crossing the veil. After said crossing, does God provide us opportunities to go up in levels while spending Eternity with Him?

In my thinking, being in Heaven with God and in perfect happiness, I would always strive to be closer to Him, if that were possible. But also, know how much much more I could, should have done before reaching Paradise.



A. Thank you for your kind and consoling words of encouragement.

Now, about "the levels"... First of all allow us to clarify our position regarding that information:

This information falls in the category of "I believe" as oppose to "I know" as we use other times.

I believe that those levels in Heaven are predetermined by what we do before crossing the veil. If we resort to the technique we use to better understand God, that is, taking a good human inclination and taking it to infinity, then, the more merits we gain before crossing the veil the higher the level would, thus, the closer to God one is and, perhaps, the greater the power of intercession that soul may have before the Throne of God.

A very human example: If you are, say, a Senator and have one or two outstanding assistants - moral, honest, efficient, expert on the necessary fields of their work, and served you well in the Senate - and you are elected President of the U.S., you will take them with you to the White House.

With that said: Our recommendation is not to focus on trying to be closer to God in Heaven but on serving Him on Earth as He Wills that you do.

A very personal example: All through my school years I studied because I wanted to learn and not with the purpose of getting higher grades. The results were: (a) I learned far more than those around me and, as a consequence; (b) I also got very good grades.

There are individuals who have the gift of memory and study the night before the exam and get an excellent grade in the exam, yet, a few days later they have forgotten most of what they "temporarily" learned just to get good grades.

Now, regarding "After said crossing, does God provide us opportunities to go up in levels while spending Eternity with Him?"..... the only parallel that we can draw from is that.... While in purgatory we can pray for the benefit of others but we cannot pray for our own benefit. So, in this case I suspect that the same applies while in Heaven.... and "to suspect" is not the same as "to believe" and neither are the same as "to know".

I pray to God that we shed some light on this issue; however, if anyone still has any questions about what we tried to explain, by all means, do ask!

Did you know that....
Vatican Secretary of State attended the elite Bilderberg meeting? (1)

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, will take part in the Bilderberg Conference, an annual private gathering of global political, business and media leaders, taking place this year in Turin, Italy, June 7-10.

Furthermore, from the same source we also learn that Parolin took part in the World Economic Forum in Davos, and there he delivered a speech in which he listed the aims of pontifical diplomacy.

We now have concrete - yet not surprising - confirmation that Opus Dei is in both groups.
(1)Source  as of June 7, 2018

While on the subject of Opus Dei...

Did you know that.... the soon to be canonized Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, who was martyred as he was celebrating Mass was a core Opus Dei man? (1)

The Salvadoran prelate is conventionally seen as a champion of Liberation Theology, which was partially condemned by the Vatican in the 1980s for its tendency to mix Marxist social analysis and concepts such as “class struggle” with religious commitments.


Among the lesser-known facts of Romero was his close relationship with the personal prelature Opus Dei, though for decades they remained quiet about the connection.

For almost 15 years Romero had a spiritual director/confessor from Opus Dei – first Father Juan Aznar and later Father Fernando Saenz, who would replace Romero as Archbishop of San Salvador after his death.

Romero went to the beach with a group of Opus Dei friends on the morning of the day he was killed; and in 1975, after the death of its founder, Josemaría Escrivá, Oscar Romero sent a letter to Paul VI asking the pope to jump-start his canonization process.

Once again, we see the Opus Dei covering all the bases as we read in de la Cierva's review of the Opus Dei:

[DD] It is a fact that, after 1950, Opus Dei university branches in certain occasions committed notable injustices; at times in iniquitous alliances with Marxist professors and against Catholic professors. (2)


[TT] By virtue of that same rejection, the key rightist group of the province of Navarra, made up by many Opus Dei members have entered into certain alliances to form the government of Navarra... with socialists and communists extreme defenders of abortion... ....(Catholic political figures) have every right to establish political coalitions.... except with those who will influence the government with their atheistic and anti-life ideas. For such alliances a Catholic does not have freedom unless the other group renounces their philosophies.... ....I hope no one denies my statements because then I will be forced to provide dates and names associated with such activities. (2)

...and mind you - de la Cierva was a friend of Opus Dei to the point of stating in his book:

[GGG] So that my [de la Cierva's] evaluation be better understood I will summarize it as follows: Opus Dei was invented, and invented well; however, if it did not exist, it would have to be invented with great urgency. Many things, especially within the Church, depend on it. (2)

Whatever works for their overall agenda, works for them - it does not matter who they have to pact with
(1) Source
(2) More details


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